WATCH: Virat Kohli plays unique Dumb Charades with Bollywood Actor Maniesh Paul during opening of his new restaurant in Mumbai

Coming back to the restaurant, Kohli said the project is really close to his heart.

Ritesh PathakAuthor

Updated - 06 October 2022 07:31 PM


Former India captain Virat Kohli has a big social life outside of cricket. The 33-year-old runs his own restaurant chain under the name One8 Commune. Kohli has restaurants in almost all metro cities. The latest addition to his chain is a special one in Mumbai. Kohli and his team have transformed late Bollywood Singer Kishore Kumar’s Bungalow into an aesthetic and swanky restaurant. 

The Indian cricketer invited Bollywood actor Manish Paul to give him a tour of his newly-opened restaurant. He explained each and every detail about the place with great excitement. The two also sat together for a meal and then also played a special game of Dumb Charades. It was special because usually, people have to guess movie names with their teammates revealing the details without speaking. 

Meanwhile, here one had to guess dish names while the other revealed the details. Virat Kohli started the game as he revealed the details of the famous North Indian Street food, Chhole Bhature. Maniesh Paul went second as he asked Kohli to guess Paneer Tikka. In his second attempt, Kohli got Rajma Chawal as the dish which he easily explained to Paul. Meanwhile, the Bollywood Actor also easily explained Dim Sim to Kohli in his second attempt. So, the contest eventually ended in a tie. 

Watch the video here:

Coming back to the restaurant, Kohli said the project is really close to his heart. Talking about why he chose Kishore Kumar’s old bungalow, Virat explained that he is an ardent fan of the singer and also treated fans to a verse the song “Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi.” Virat said, “His songs have really really touched me. One person asked me who would you have like to met, I would have said Kishore Da always because he was just charismatic.”


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