WATCH: Wolverhampton Wanderers unveil their new signing Diego Costa

After registering only one win in six games, Wolves are currently on the 14th place in the Premier League 2022-23 table.

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Updated - 12 September 2022 08:49 PM


Wolverhampton Wanderers have signed the two-time Premier League winner, Diego Costa on a free transfer as the former Chelsea forward has been without a club since leaving Brazilian club Atletico Mineiro in January. The English club have unveiled their new signing through a powerful announcement video.

After registering only one win in six games,  Wolves are currently in 14th place in the Premier League 2022-23 table.

Wolves took their official Twitter handle and posted an announcement video, where Diego Costa can be spotted holding the chains of three wolves and captioned, " It's official. "

Talking about the video, Costa revealed, “I was scared to death. Holding that chain I kept thinking, ‘What if this wolf thinks about jumping on top of me?’ and then the three of them did...

"I was a little scared then. Those were wolves, not dogs. It was a cool experience but not a very comfortable one. I have five dogs, but they’re not wolves!”

Costa also talked about the motivation that made him return to the Premier League. He said, " When he (Wolves caoch Bruno Lage) told me about returning to the Premier League since this a championship I have related to quite a bit, always liked it and followed. No matter how much I enjoyed playing in Madrid, I felt discouraged, but this motivated me. It lit that fire within me.”

After the postponement of this weekend's Premier League fixtures, Wolves will host the champions Manchester City at the  Molineux Stadium on September 17.


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