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Pakistan captain Babar Azam is often at the centre of criticism for his captaincy. While Azam has achieved a decent amount of success with the bat, he has not been able to replicate the same in terms of leadership. Pakistan have failed to seal crunch moments under Babar Azam and have been consistently ending on the opposite side of the desired result. 

These failures at the highest level have drawn immense criticism for Azam from former cricketers as well as fans. However, his teammates are least bothered about Azam’s achievements as a captain and have full faith in his abilities to the extent that they are “ready to give their lives”. Azam’s one of a close ally, Shan Masood has claimed that no player in the team has any issues with Azam. 

Masood revealed that the players have always respected their captain be it Sarfaraz Khan or Babar Azam. 

“We were ready to give our lives when Sarfaraz Ahmed was our captain, and now we are ready to give our lives for Babar Azam. He is an exceptional captain and he needs the team’s support. As a team, our goal is to play for the country and to perform our best to achieve this,” said the 33-year-old Pakistani top-order batsman while speaking with a local TV channel as reported by Cricket Pakistan.

The middle-order batter then also said that the team is not worried about the criticism at home and is focused on playing for the country. “We watch a lot of news on criticism of the team but we don’t get bothered by them as our mutual goal is to play for our country,” said Masood.

Notably, Babar Azam himself brushed aside all the criticism around his captaincy saying he can’t get everyone to like him. “Criticism will continue because it is not possible that everyone will speak in your favour. I always try to stay positive since it improves my level of confidence,” Azam had said last week.