Taking on the antiquated sports betting industry, BetDex has emerged as a groundbreaking platform that brings in blockchain technology. Founded by Varun Sudhakar, Nigel Eccles and Stuart Tonner, three former Fan Duel employees, BetDex hopes to create a new chapter in this ever-green industry. Further talking about BetDex, let us look at some of the top features that made it a popular betting platform. 

1. Ease of Business through Blockchain Technology


The BetDEX exchange, built on Monaco and Solana, two powerful blockchain technologies, provides users with a seamless experience. The Monaco Protocol’s decentralized liquidity network creates the smooth functioning of exchange-based applications built on the Solana blockchain, allowing BetDEX to perform fast and secure transactions at a nominal cost. Similarly, the protocol only charges a fee of less than 1% on net winnings, making it a highly cost-effective option. 

2. Myriad of Betting Options


For complete user satisfaction, BetDex presents the bettor with countless sports and events to get in on the action. From global sports like American Football, Baseball, Tennis, Cricket, Soccer etc. to Esports like League of Legends, CS: GO, and DOTA-2., BetDex has it all. Similarly, BetDex also often presents its users with special pop-cultural events that aren’t common on Sports Betting platforms.

3. Unlimited Stakes


With countless betting opportunities, BetDex doesn’t limit users from placing a specific number or amount of bets in a given period. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, Betdex allows users to place bets of any size as it is fully non-custodial. At BetDex, users have complete control over the funds and can withdraw them immediately to their wallets without delays.

4. Exclusive odds


BetDEX brings a drastic new system regarding the odds on the platform. Here, users can choose the odds of their choice on bets or orders. Every user’s back orders are matched against lay orders until a price is agreed on or the odds at which the event will occur or not.  Further, BetDEX allows its users to trade with each other and eliminate the margin that other platforms demand.

5. BetDEX  Security


Along with the previous attributes, BetDex's most consequential feature is the security it provides for its users. For protecting sensitive user information, BetDEX has a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification to reduce risks of online fraud, money laundering, and terrorist funding, among other suspicious and criminal activities. BetDEX’s Isle of Man license confirms it as a safe and trustworthy platform.