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India vs Pakistan is the biggest cricketing rivalry but cricket fans don’t get to see too much of it as the two nations don’t play any bilateral cricket. Ever since the terrorist attack on Mumbai, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has stayed away from hosting or touring Pakistan. The stand to not play any bilateral cricket has gotten stronger after 2014. Meanwhile, former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has blamed India for the poor cricketing ties between the two nations. 

Afridi has said that the BCCI has not made the right advancements in strengthening the relations between India and Pakistan and has also ignored any move from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The former cricketer also said that he will request the Indian Prime Minister to let cricket happen between the two cricket-fond nations. 

“I will request Modi sahab to let cricket happen between both countries,” Afridi said on the sidelines of the Legends League Cricket (LLC) in Doha. 

“What can we do if we want to befriend someone and he does not talk to us? There is no doubt that the BCCI is a very strong board, but when you are strong, you have more responsibility. You don’t try to make more enemies, you need to make friends. When you make more friends, you become stronger,” Afridi was quoted saying by the Indian Express.

When asked if he believes the PCB (the Pakistan Cricket Board) is weak, Afridi said, “I would not say weak, but some answers came from the front (BCCI) as well”.

Afridi further stated that cricket is the best way to bring the two countries closer. He also gave an example of how the players of the two nations share a cordial relationship. “I still have friends in the Indian team when we meet, we discuss, the other day I met Raina and I asked for a bat, he gave me a bat,” he said.