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Picture Credit: X

The world has been taken over by this new term “All eyes on Rafah”, which has been trending on social media. Amidst the ongoing war, people from all walks of life have come out in support of the Palestinians by raising their voices with “All eyes on Rafah”. Amid several celebrities, one prominent figure who posted this was Rohit Sharma, the Indian cricket team captain’s wife Ritika Sajdeh

Ritika, who has been active on social media took to her Instagram and shared the famous picture with “All eyes on Rafah” written on it. 

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What does “All eyes on Rafah” stand for?

The phrase “all eyes on Rafah” is an action call asking people to pay attention to the attacks on the city. The term is typically used on social media platforms to draw attention to the atrocities. Moreover, it refers to the ongoing genocide in the Rafah, Gaza with 1.4 million Palestinians seeking shelter.

The ongoing war-torn zone has been in the news since long now. Despite global outrage and the order passed by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Israel continues to launch attack in the region. As per multiple media reports, the new Israeli strikes on Rafah have killed at least 16 Palestinians. 

Moreover, since the start of May, around one million have flown from Rafah, after millions were displaced in the war between Israel and Hamas.