The newly appointed captain of the Indian Premier League franchise Punjab Kings and veteran Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan was recently talking about certain events in his personal life and aspirations for the future in a candid interview on Aaj Tak. He touched upon a very personal subject regarding his split from wife Aesha Mukerji in September 2021.

Without calling names or pointing fingers, Shikhar Dhawan said the following about his failed marriage with Aesha Mukerji, “I failed because the final decision is the person's own. I don't point fingers at others. I failed because I was not aware of that field. The things I talk about cricket today, I wouldn't have been aware of the same 20 years back. It comes with experience.”

Shikhar Dhawan also elaborated on the legal aspect of his split and how wise he has become in picking a potential life partner in the future. “Right now, my divorce case is going on. Tomorrow, if I want to marry again, I will be much wiser in that field. I'll know what kind of girl I need; someone whom I can spend my life with. When I was 26-27 and I was continuously playing, I was not in any relationship. I used to have fun, but was never in a relationship.”

The most telling part of Shikhar Dhawan’s statement to Aaj Tak was about his naive nature towards the matter of love during his earlier playing days compared to now. He categorically mentioned that. “So, when I fell in love, I couldn't see the red flags. But today, if I fall in love, I will be able to see those red flags. So, if I see those red flags, I will walk out. If not, I will carry on.”

It was in 2012 when Shikhar Dhawan married Aesha Mukerji, an amateur kickboxer from Melbourne, who was already a mother of two daughters from her first husband. In 2014, Zorawar, the son of Dhawan and Mukerji was born.