Credit: X/RCB

Credit: X/RCB

On Friday, May 17, the official X account of the Royal Challengers Bengaluru posted the video of Mr. Nags and his special guest, Virat Kohli, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the RCB Insider Show. When Nags told Kohli about how his friend Sunil said a lot of nice things about him, to which the RCB opening batter asked, “Who?”

Mr. Nags kicked off the RCB Insider Show and said, “Virat, many people have this question. Are you friends with me because I am a common man and not a commentator?,” which led to a puzzled reaction from Virat Kohli, while Mr. Nags burst out laughing seconds later.

The conversation moved to Mr. Nags saying, “See Virat, I want to talk about a friend of yours, not my friend, but your friend. He said a lot of nice things about you, Sunil.” Virat Kohli replied with a question, “Who?” Seconds after both gentlemen stared into each other, Nags quipped, “Chhetri.” And then, they started laughing before Kohli said, “Yeah, he is a really dear friend.”

Recently, Virat Kohli had gone after people for criticism of his strike rate in T20 cricket, which led to Sunil Gavaskar indirectly hitting back at him by saying that the commentators don’t have agendas and they speak about what they see.

Moreover, when Mr. Nags acknowledged that Sunil Chhetri has retired from international football, Virat Kohli revealed, “He actually messaged me as well, informing me that he is going to do it. But I would say that he felt like he is at peace with the decision. I have become really close with him over the years. And I wish him nothing but the best. He is a lovely lovely guy.”

Here is the clip of Virat Kohli and Mr. Nags on RCB Insider Show: