Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The match between Gujarat Titans (GT) and Mumbai Indians (MI) is currently under threat due to the amount of heavy rain being predicted in Ahmedabad today. The question for all the fans is if the match ends without a result due to rain, then which team will qualify for the finals of IPL 2023 to face Chennai Super Kings on Sunday? Here in this article, we will see how the scenario would work as there is no reserve day being scheduled for this game.

In a rain-interrupted game of the IPL 2023 season, the deadline to start a 
* 20-over match (without losing any overs) is at 9:40 PM
* 5-over match is at 11:56 PM
* If the above scenarios aren't possible, then a Super Over will happen at 12:50 AM.

But if none of the above happens, due to poor weather, then the team that finished at a higher position in the points table of the IPL 2023 league stage will qualify for the final directly.

So, if the game ends without a result, then GT will qualify for the final of IPL 2023 as they finished at the top of the IPL 2023 points table.

Note: During IPL 2017, KKR vs SRH Eliminator game was affected due to heavy rain in Bengaluru, but KKR played second innings for just 6 overs which started at around 12:55 AM IST.