Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

On June 3, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), in collaboration with Adidas, did a grand reveal of the Indian cricket team’s new jersey. Recently, the German sports brand struck a deal with the BCCI to design and manufacture the jerseys for matchday and training for all the Indian cricket teams, including senior and junior ones.

Ever since the jerseys were revealed, the entire social media started buzzing following the first glimpse of Team India’s clothing for all formats, i.e., Tests, ODIs, and T20Is.

Adidas India released a video of Indian men’s and women’s players donning the matchday jersey on Instagram last weekend. Since then, the post has gone viral on social media with fans posting their reactions about how good their favourite cricket stars are looking in national colours.

But on June 5, it has been widely reported that Team India’s jersey for the World Test Championship (WTC) Final 2023, won’t have the trademark three stripes of Adidas visible on the shoulder of the players, unlike what’s been revealed earlier by the German brand. The possible reason for the omission of three stripes could be the certain restrictions imposed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in regard to showcasing the sponsor logos on the jersey. But in 2016, England were allowed to use the trademark three stripes of Adidas on the shoulder of the players, for the T20 World Cup jersey.

Notably, India will be playing Australia in the grand finale of WTC from June 7 onwards, at The Oval in London. They will look forward to attaining victory in this all-important Test match to end the 10-year-long drought of not winning an ICC trophy.

Moreover, Team India’s matchday jerseys are currently available on the Adidas website for the general public to buy. The senior team jersey, irrespective of the format, can be purchased for 4,999 INR, while the ODI replica jersey and ODI fan jersey can be availed for 2,999 INR and 999 INR respectively.