Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

After using foul language during Manchester City's third straight Premier League title victory celebration on Sunday, Manchester United supporters demanded that Erling Haaland should be banned from the FA Cup 2023 final. The Citizens won the championship after Arsenal's loss to Nottingham Forest on Saturday. The following day, Pep Guardiola's men defeated Chelsea to win the trophy for the fifth time in six years.

After the victory, Jack Grealish was being interviewed on the Sky station when Haaland approached him and said "I f***ing love you, you know that?", much to the midfielder's surprise.

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The hosts on the show tried to handle the situation but the f-word was clearly heard by everyone watching the show. While most people dismissed the event with laughter, some Manchester United supporters have demanded that Haaland be punished similarly to how Wayne Rooney was for a related occurrence in 2011.

The 37-year-old former England striker was given a two-game suspension in April 2011 for cursing in front of the camera after scoring the game-winning goal in a 4-2 victory against West Ham. For Manchester United supporters, the ban still stings because it covered their team's FA Cup semifinal loss to Manchester City in 2011. After winning, City advanced to the championship game, where they won the first trophy of the Sheikh Mansour era trophy.

Haaland would be absent from City's final league games against Brighton and Brentford if he receives the same two-game suspension as Rooney. Pep Guardiola would probably be undeterred by missing his striker, who has scored a record-breaking 52 goals this season, given their two biggest games follow the trip to West London. After all, they already have the title secured. The Citizens will follow Alex Ferguson's United team from 1999 in capturing the three most important trophies in English football if they win the FA Cup and Champions League finals.

On June 3, Man City will compete against their city rivals at the Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup 2023 glory, while the Champions League final will take place in Istanbul versus Inter Milan.