Popular streamer and Cristiano Ronaldo super fan Darren "IShowSpeed" Watkins has received a week-long ban from streaming on YouTube after receiving a strike. Speed was flagged for streaming the recently concluded Best FIFA Football Awards 2022.

IShowSpeed tweeted a picture captioned, ‘no way’, sharing a screenshot of the email from YouTube confirming his ban. In a clip that has been making the rounds on social media, IShowSpeed provided a clarification, explaining that his week-long ban was because of copyright violations.

In the video, Watkins spoke about how his actions were dumb and that he wasn’t aware of the FIFA awards being copyrighted. He apologized to his fans for the mistake and that he will be missing a few streams. 

He said, "I did something very dumb, I just didn't know that it was copyrighted. And now, I guess I just have to miss my streams. I apologize, bro. It hurts a lot but I'm going, I love you all, bro. And, if y'all wanna know why I got banned, it was because I was streaming... FIFA is currently streaming on YouTube right now and are doing a FIFA d'Or award. And I just wanted to see like, who won and all." 

Speed also stated how he received a warning from YouTube regarding a possible strike but thought  the prompt was for his gameplay highlight and  not his whole stream. He said, "I streamed it, they gave me a warning. I didn't know, I thought that the copyright was because of the gameplay highlight and not the whole stream itself. But now they gave me a strike but, I love you all bro. I'm going bro, bye."

This ban has irked big streamers like Trainwreckstv and Adin Ross to respond. Ross, in his tweet, asked IShowSpeed to leave YouTube and join Kick, a new competitor in the streaming platform market. Adin Ross described YouTube's treatment of IShowSpeed as that of a ‘peasant’.

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