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In what could have been the close-out series for the New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, it will now move towards the last game, where the Knicks have to give their heart out against the Indiana Pacers to remain in contention for further proceedings. However, in Game 6, they were left stunned by the latest injury woe in Josh Hart, who left out in the middle of the game owing to abdominal soreness.

Hart was highly crucial for the Knick's chances as his presence could have propelled New York to the Eastern Conference Finals but instead, they will now rue their chances in Game 7 on Sunday. Hart can only accumulate five points from the game as he became the latest addition to the Knick’s injury woes after Bojan Bogdanovic, Mitchell Robinson, and OG Anunoby earlier. 

Donte DiVincenzo, who is quite familiar with this situation instead stated their team caliber despite these frequent injuries in their camp. Addressing the media, he said, “You never wanna see anybody get hurt, but it’s been our season. We have more than enough, whoever’s on the court. I’ve said it 100 times.”

Knicks guard Jalen Brunson too said in the press conference, “I would assume he's playing. It's Game 7.”

On the part of the recovery of Hart before game 7, their head coach Tom Thibodeau wasn’t too sure as he said in a disguised manner, “We’ll see.” The team also didn’t allow Hart to have a discussion with the reporters owing to his grieving condition. 

Brunson backed the team for their next game despite the absence of their small forward as he assured of the team’s future focus. He said, “There’s a lot of things obviously that physically don’t go our way with our team this year. I think our main focus is whoever we have out there, regardless of what you’re dealing with or anything you are out there, you are ready to go. Yes, Josh asked to come back out, but he went back in and gave everything he had. What more can you ask for from a teammate?”

Game 7 between the Pacers and the Knicks will take place on May 20, 1:00 A.M. (IST) at Madison Square Garden, New York. The winner will proceed further to the finals of the Eastern Conference.