Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva is known for his wizardry on the pitch, but he also has a knack for comedy off it. The Portuguese star recently posted a video on his Instagram account where he imitated the famous Harry Potter character, complete with glasses, a wand, and even a drawn scar on his forehead.

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The video shows Silva walking in his house, pretending to cast spells on various objects and people. Silva casts "Wingardium Leviosa", the spell in the series that makes things fly, and tries to make his scarf fly and hilariously throws it up with the help of his feet.

Watch the video here:

Silva had earlier demonstrated his love for the franchise when he did 20 questions with ESPN. When asked about what he would like to learn out of magic, painting, or piano Silva answered, “Yeah, I think magic, it would be nice to be a little Harry Potter for a minute.” 

Bernardo Silva is like the Harry Potter of the football world as he produces magic with his dribbling day in and day out in the Premier League. The midfielder is nicknamed the Magician’ by his teammates and fans and probably has his Hogwarts letter pending.

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Speaking about his future at Manchester City, Silva is heavily rumoured to leave the club this summer with Barcelona and PSG being the prime suitors for the midfielder. MD has reported that Bernardo wants to move to Barcelona this summer, and he and his entourage see “possibilities” that a deal can be done. Although the dire financial situation of the Catalan club makes this deal more difficult the will of the player could prove important here.