Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Wrestling star Teddy Hart was arrested last week after police alleged that the fighter was in possession of illegal drugs. According to the Titusville Police Department, Hart was found with the substances in a rented car during a routine traffic stop on Friday.

Hart, who is the nephew of legendary wrestlers Owen and Bret Hart, was caught speeding in a rented 2022 Mustang by Titusville Police around midnight. The 43-year-old was pulled over and his car was searched. Police described a smell of burnt marijuana in the vehicle, which led them to an unsealed medical marijuana container. Aside from the container, loose leaf marijuana shakes were found on the car seat.

The police then recovered a bag full of pills and red powder, both of which tested positive for MDMA. They also found vials containing Masteron and Testosterone Cypionate, which are known anabolic steroids. Police later claimed that a third bag was found, which also tested positive for MDMA. 

Hart to be charged with two felony crimes

Hart is set to be charged with felony possession of MDMA and a controlled substance without prescription, both of which carry a maximum sentence of five years as well as a maximum fine of USD 5000. However, he was released from custody on Sunday.

This is another notch in Hart’s growing criminal record, as the wrestler has found himself in and out of prison for the past few years. He had another brush with the law in 2021 for possessing controlled substances without a prescription, and if he is charged this time, then it is likely to include some jail time. 

Teddy Hart once had a glittering career ahead of him. Following in the footsteps of his famous uncles Owen and Bret, he was the youngest wrestler to sign a contract with the WWE. He has spent most of the last decade, however, on the indie circuit as it looks unlikely that a major organisation will pick him up again.