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A horrific incident took place in Karachi before the much-awaited T20 World Cup 2024 clash between India and Pakistan which saw a content creator lose his life. The Men in Blue won the game in thrilling fashion as they defended 119 to register a six-run victory. This result generated emotions of elation and heartbreak among fans supporting both teams but the game also led to the death on a supporter.

A YouTuber from Pakistan, called Saad Ahmed, was at the Karachi's mobile market to film a video about the India vs Pakistan match in New York on June 9. After speaking with a few people about this clash, Ahmed encountered a security guard who wasn’t interested in his video.

YouTuber shot dead for asking about India vs Pakistan clash

The security guard lost his cool after being repeatedly asked to answer casuing him to shoot the YouTuber dead. Several reports reveal Saad was rushed to the hospital but he was declared dead on arrival.  One of Saad’s friends told Pakistan’s Geo TV that he had a chat with the YouTuber before he left to shoot a video in Karachi’s mobile market. 

Further on the incident, an Instagram handle on khattti.meethi.baateinn that shared the news of Saad’s death. The caption of the video also included the statement of the accused security guard. 

The security was quoted saying,  “He kept on bringing the mic close to my face and filming. I lost my temper and fired at him." Media  reports also reveal that the accused has been arrested by the local police.