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Picture Credit: Twitter/@rajasthanroyals

Jos Buttler has lit the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) with his blistering knocks. The Rajasthan Royals batter has already scored 491 runs in 7 innings. He has also smashed three centuries in this season. On the back of Buttler's performances, Rajasthan Royals have also performed well this season.

With the mood well set in the RR camp, the social media team made Buttler sit with R Ashwin for a Rapid-Fire round. Both the cricketers asked questions related to each other. In the same series of questions, Ashwin asked Buttler how many runs he can hit in his one over if the spinner takes him in the nets.

Ashwin made Buttler understand the rules that will be in place when he will be bowling. "So, I am going to bowl one over to you in the nets. Six balls, no no-balls," says Ashwin. Buttler also comes up with his terms and conditions and the first demand he puts forth is "No Mankading". Both players first laugh at this and then Ashwin explains to Buttler that since he will be at the other end, it won't be possible anyway.

Watch Buttler and Ashwin conversation here:

Ashwin, Buttler share their first impressions of each other

Among all the questions, there was also a question on what the individuals thought of each other when they first met. Both players asked each other, "What was their first impression?". Ashwin got the chance to ask it first to which Buttler said that he thought of the spinner as a 'great thinker' of the game. "I can't mention what my very first impression was. I'd say the first impression is of a 'real thinker' of the game. You study the game and have a lot of knowledge about it. Always thinking to improve your bowling or different ways you can bowl," said Jos Buttler.

When Ashwin was asked the same question, he called Buttler a 'calm' and 'switched-off' person. "I just always felt like you're going to be this really calm and switched-off person when the game is done," said Ashwin.