Picture Credit: Instagram

Lewis Hamilton is not having the best time in his career. The Mercedes driver has failed to give a performance of his caliber in the last few races. Ever since losing to Max Verstappen last year Hamilton has not recovered and has failed to give a champion-like performance. In four races in the 2022 season, Hamilton has finished at the 3rd, 10th, 4th, and 13th positions.

With the seven-time champion seeing a slump, murmurs around him not being adequate have started. But the British driver is far from finished and is ready to rock the Miami Grand Prix coming weekend. Hamilton has reached America and has shared a couple of pictures in fancy purple attire. But rather than the pictures, the caption is what caught the attention of his fans.

Hamilton wrote a really long caption where he talked about getting up after falling. He also urged his fans to not let anybody stop them from being themselves.

"GOOD MORNING AMERICA. I’m so excited for the week ahead and I hope you are too. Every day of this life is a blessing, we can overcome anything. Without failure there is no success. There will always be people who love you when you're up and kick you when you’re down, something I’ve learned along this journey", a part of the caption read.

"People project their own shortcomings and I use it as fuel. More than that, I wish everyone love and light in their lives. Nothing will knock me off my path and I hope that’s true for you too. Don’t let anybody stop you from being you," wrote Hamilton on Instagram.

It's been generally quite a lonely journey: Lewis Hamilton

The only black driver to have raced in F1 history says his journey has been "quite lonely". Talking to American broadcaster ABC news ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, Hamilton said, "It's generally been quite a lonely journey - me and my family have been the only black family.

"I have been racing for 29 years, professional for 16, and most often been the only person of colour in the room. When I would ask the question, there was no real great feedback," he added.