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Paris 2024 Olympics schedule announced

It was the IOC Session 2017 in Lima, where the host venues for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics were decided.

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Updated - 3 April 2022 5:07 pm

In the latest news update, the schedule for the Paris 2024 Olympic has been released after the approval from the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) executive board. Earlier, the Tokyo Olympics which were originally scheduled to take place in 2020 were pushed back and held in the 2021 in Japan.

With the board giving the approval of hosting the world-level event, a total of 32 sports will be contested across 19 days. Although the opening ceremony will be held on July 26, games like handball, football, rugby, and archery will begin on July 24. The tournament will conclude on August 11, 2024. Around 10,500 athletes are expected to gather from all around the world to compete for 329 gold medals across 32 sports.

The gold medals for the games like cycling, judo, fencing, diving, rugby, shooting, swimming, and skateboarding medals all set to be awarded on July 27. While the first swimming gold medal will be awarded on July 27, and the first athletic gold event will take place on August 2. From August 8 to 11, the women’s and men’s hockey, handball, football, beach volleyball, volleyball, basketball, and water polo will be played.

The break dancing game will make its debut in the 2024 Olympics, due to its success in the Summer Youth Olympics 2018. While the games like BMX freestyle, sport climbing, and skateboarding, which made their debut in the 2020 edition will be given special importance in this edition as well. The likes of baseball/softball and karate were removed from the rosters from this edition of the Olympics.

The IOC is trying to boost the awareness of the games like BMX freestyle, sport climbing, and skateboarding by organizing festival-style events.

“We expect to boost their visibility and highlight the great achievements of the competing athletes on the road to Paris 2024,” Thomas Bach, the IOC President said in a statement.


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