In one of the most lucrative free signings in the history of football, Spanish marquee defender Sergio Ramos parted ways with Real Madrid to join a star-studded Paris Saint Germain. With injuries hampering his 2020-21 domestic season, Luis Enrique excluded Ramos for the selection of Euro 2020, after which the 35-year-old was keenly awaited by football fans to make his debut for the French giants in the upcoming season.

Yet Ramos’ injury has to date kept him at bay from making his debut for PSG. Those who are not aware, Sergio Ramos’ contract sees him staying in the club until 2023. Being one of the most senior players in the Paris Saint Germain locker room, Ramos was expected to earn his way into the starting XI as the defensive department of the particular club is already one of the strongest in all of Europe.

Now reports emerge that the Qatar backed club could cut their losses and buy him out of his deal early and move on. The 35-year-old had a major knee surgery in February after which he has already suffered relapses while being in France and after his most recent medical, reports have emerged that Paris Saint Germain feel that Ramos is too impatient to return on the field, rushing himself back to injury before he is 100% ready.

"Although the option is not on the agenda, the possibility of termination is not science fiction. Paris has assumed that it has been able to make a mistake in its signing," said Le Parisien.

"We know Ramos has had an injury," PSG sporting director Leonardo had been quoted as saying. "The Spanish press are playing games, we all knew he had a problem. We know what's happening here."

He concluded by stating, "Having Sergio Ramos at 60 per cent, I don’t see the point. You have him so he’s good on the pitch and performs as well as he did during his great years with Real Madrid and especially that he brings you this aura in the locker room, this desire to win, this competitive spirit ... that I have no doubt about, but if he is at 60% on the field or that he misses a lot of matches, how can he have an important role in the locker room? It's impossible!"

As Ramos turns 36 next March, PSG’s exclusion can only see him gain interest in clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham.