Ramiz-Raja - PCB

Picture Credit: Twitter

The Pakistan Cricket Board has proposed a quadrangular T20I tournament along with India, Australia and England. The board also claims that the tournament could generate revenue of over USD 650 million for the four participants as well as the ICC. However, the official proposal for the tournament will be presented at the ICC headquarters in Dubai next week. 

The Pakistan board has also suggested the September-October window for this series. According to some officials, this time frame can be ideal as it marks the start of the season in Australia, India and Pakistan and the end of England’s season.  

"This is a strategic paper in which the ICC and its members have been encouraged and invited to explore an untapped event opportunity around traditional rivalries in cricket, turn them into a cricket extravaganza, attract a new generation of cricketers, speed up cricket development and maximise revenues for the members," a PCB official was quoted saying,  

“This concept not only provides context, it will also become a much-anticipated event across the globe as cricket fans and followers want to see Pakistan play India or Australia take on England or India meet England or Pakistan face Australia on an annual basis,” the official continued. 

The PCB also clarified that the quadrangular series will not undermine ICC events and will add another short event to the calendar with a  strong commercial value.

“The ICC tried the ICC Super Series in 2005, so there is no harm in testing waters for another event. This event will also bring a further nation vs nation event, in a cricket calendar that is being increasingly influenced by mushrooming of various T20 leagues around the world. Because of that, bilateral T20Is have become meaningless. The four-nation Super Series can fill the vacuum,” the official clarified.

Ramiz Raja had proposed this tournament in January 2022 and was quoted saying, “I am proposing a new Ltd company at the ICC to run the four-nation Super Series with a dedicated CEO. There has to be a new structure for the pooling and sharing of income," he had said explaining the concept.