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“Penaldo” trends on Twitter after Manchester United make Champions League exit post defeat to Atletico Madrid

Users looked unhappy with Ronaldo's lack of contribution for Man United. Some called him 'finished' while some called him a 'penalty bully'.

Ritesh Pathak Author

Updated - 16 March 2022 12:39 pm

Manchester United were knocked out of the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League after a Round of 16 defeat to Atletico Madrid on Tuesday night. The Red Devils could not score a single goal in the game and eventually lost it 0-1 (1-2 on aggregate). The Ralf Ragnick side found them struggling to go past Madrid’s defense. With this defeat, United’s quest for a title ended on a bitter note.

It was the same old story for them, star players failing in big games. With Cristiano Ronaldo back in the mix for the Red Devils, they were expected to do better, but nothing changed. Rather Ronaldo himself struggled to get going. His movement in the field was questionable. With him not performing to his potential, a lot of criticism was drawn upon. In no time, Twitter was flooded with memes and tweets trolling the Portuguese striker and ‘Penaldo’ was the top trend for hours on the social media platform.

Users looked unhappy with Ronaldo’s lack of contribution for Man United. Some called him ‘finished’ while some called him a ‘penalty bully’.

Check out some tweets trolling Ronaldo:

There was always somebody lying on the floor: Ralf Ragnick

While his side lost after humiliation by Atletico Madrid, Ralf Ragnick was heard complaining about Madrid’s players for “always lying on the floor”. Rangnick also called it a “joke” that were were four minutes of stoppage time, as he believed more should have been added.

“It was hard in the second half and always interrupted,” Rangnick told BT Sport. “There was always somebody lying on the floor. I would also say some curious refereeing decisions. I wouldn’t say they were decisive but at least [the ref] fell too often for those time-wasting antics and four minutes at the end added on was a joke for me.”


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