Jarvo invades rugby match

Picture Credit: Twitter

Pitch invasion has not been anything new in a sports field. There have been plenty of occasions when a fan has run onto the pitch, at times to meet his or her favourite player or to just disturb the game and its players. The act is sometimes welcomed by the crowd, while during some instances the opposite happens. Amidst the recent pitch invasions, one name that has caught limelight for his frequent appearance is the infamous Daniel ‘Jarvo’ Jarvis.

After invading the pitch in three of Team India's Tests against England this year alongside an NFL game this month, Jarvo once again managed to sneak onto the field, however, this time during a rugby game. He stood in the All Blacks' line donning the full kit along with a black mask at the start of the national anthem ahead of Saturday's test in Cardiff. However, just before the national anthem could start, he was spotted and removed by the security.

Here is the complete video of the incident:

After the incident, Jarvo also posted a picture of his in All Black kit on social media. "I just made my rugby debut for New Zealand facing the mighty Wales! #jarvo69 #allblacks #jarvo," he captioned the post.

Jarvo invades the pitch fifth time this year

It was in August this year when Jarvo appeared for the first time on the sports field. He entered onto the pitch as Team India's 12th men at the Lord's. Given that he had entered donning the full kit of the guests, the security took a bit of time in recognising that he was in fact not a player but a pitch invader. The act was met with mixed response with some liking his innocence, while others complaining about how could that happen at the so called Mecca of Cricket.

Jarvo soon became a villain when he invaded the pitch again at Headingley, Leeds and The Oval in the third and fourth Test of the same series which was being played between India and England. The last act also saw him getting arrested and charged with aggravated trespass after he collided with Jonny Bairstow. However, he got released on unconditional bail with a trial scheduled for March 2022. Jarvo then interrupted an NFL match between Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on October 17 before extending his area to rugby.