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Porsche set to be Engine manufacturer for Red Bull: Reports

The report gives a hint that the partnership may be announced this weekend.

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Updated - 8 July 2022 11:12 am

According to the latest reports, Red Bull is soon expected to announce Porsche as its engine manufacturer for the 2026 season. It has been said that all the formalities were completed long ago, but the UK-based racing company wanted to announce the same development in the Austrian Grand Prix, which is scheduled to take place on July 10 at Red Bull Ring.

Red Bull formed an agreement with Honda in 2019. However, the company left the F1 circuit after Red Bull’s driver Max Verstappen’s World Drivers’ Championship victory to focus on a carbon-neutral initiative. But they agreed to keep supplying power units from Japan to the Red Bulls Racing until the end of the 2025 season.

The report gives a hint that the partnership may be announced this weekend. From the 2026 season, FIA has sought to make the cars fuel-efficient by reducing drag with no loss in horsepower and using a powertrain replying on sustainable fuel.

“The engine partnership that will link the Austrian team to the German manufacturer (but also born in Austria) from 2026, should be officially announced in the coming weeks,” a report mentioned.

“This announcement indeed comes as the FIA wants to finalize the 2026 power unit regulations – potentially in the coming weeks – at least before the next meeting of the World Motor Sport Council next October.”

Team Principal of the Red Bull Formula One team, Christian Horner, confirmed that Honda will stay until the end of 2025 but did not have an answer if the company will be staying after the agreement period.

“We have an engineering partnership with agreement with Honda for the supply of the current engines under the current agreement to the end of year the 2025 set of regulations.” said Horner

“Should Honda choose to reverse their decision post 2025?” said the Red Bull team boss. “That really is a question for them.”



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