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Premier League Final Day: Title race scenario, relegation battle and more

Brace yourselves for an exciting finale to the Premier League 2021-22 season.

Saurabh Ganguly Editor

Updated - 18 May 2022 7:34 pm

Premier League 2022

There is a reason why the Premier League is often regarded as one of the best tournaments in the world. The English top-tier league is approaching its final day set to be played May 22 and yet there is no clarity on who will finish first and second or the fourth team to secure a Champions League berth. Similarly, it is yet to be seen who is relegated to the Championship and who survives in the tournament in a race among three sides.

With so much drama, excitement and a range of overwhelming emotions that are set to keep fans on the edge of their seats, here is an attempt to bring all the relevant information at one place regarding the D- Day- the Premier League final day on May 22.

1. The race for the title

It has all come down to the final day for the Premier League title race. The equation for Manchester City is simple and they have destiny in their own hands. If Manchester City beat Aston Villa, they will be crowned champions. Liverpool, meanwhile, will not only have to beat Wolves in their final match but would also have to hope that the current table-toppers City, who are just a point clear of the Reds, lose points to Aston Villa.

2. Champions League spot

The race to confirm a Champions League spot will be on between Arsenal and Tottenham on the final day. While Tottenham would qualify for the continental tournament as long as they do not lose against already relegated Norwich, for Arsenal a win won’t be enough against Everton as they would have to hope that Tottenham lose. Tottenham might still not make it on a draw but for that, the Gunners will need to beat Everton with a record margin of 15-0 to better their goal difference.

3. Europa League and Conference League battle

Yet another battle to look forward to on the final day of the Premier League on May 22 is the fight between Manchester United and West Ham. While both the clubs are sure to be in European football next season, it will all come down to the result of their fixtures on the final day as to which team will feature in Europa League and which side will play in the conference league.

The equation, in this case, is simple for Manchester United, a win against Crystal Palace and they are through to the Europa League and West Ham are forced to remain in the conference league. However, if they do not win- that is if they either draw or lose and West Ham beats Brighton then it would be the West Ham side who will play Europa League with the Red Devils in the Conference League.

4. Relegation Battle

At the bottom end of the table too, there is an interesting battle to stay in the Premier League and not get relegated to the Championship. Everton, Leeds and Burnley who are placed at the 16th, 17th and 18th positions, respectively have only 2 points that separate them. However, Burnley and Leeds, have a match in hand and hence Leeds are the only side who will have to depend on the results of the other fixtures.

Everton would have easily been in the safe zone had they beaten Brentford in their last fixture on Sunday but they eventually lost after taking lead. They would still be safe if they hand Crystal Palace a defeat on Thursday. Burnley too will be out of the relegation zone, at least for the time being, if they won against Aston Villa on May 19. But the Burnley vs Leeds battle is all set to be decided on the final day which is when Leeds are set to tour Brentford and Burnley are slated to host Newcastle.

And if Everton, somehow, drop points on Thursday, what a contest it would be on May 22 against Arsenal, with the result set to have an impact on both ends of the Premier League table.


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