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PUBG Lite – Latest updates & all you need to know

It is being speculated that gamers can expect upgraded weapons, outfits and themes in the forthcoming update.

Ketaki Pole Author

Updated - 14 December 2021 5:04 pm

PUBG Lite Mobile New Update APK

PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most loved game in the gaming community. However, owing to heavy size of the game, players find it difficult to access the game due to their phone’s configuration. In order to cater to this requirement, the developers of the game announced PUBG Mobile Lite, which is a light version of the game.

The new update has low requirements for a better gadget capability, but ensures exciting experience to the users. While PUBG Lite has been around for quite a while, gamers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming update – 0.23.0, which is the next big thing in PUBG Mobile Lite.

When will the new update release?

The upcoming update is expected to be released anytime soon. However, since there has been news about the same from Krafton’s end, the 0.23.0 update might get delayed a bit.

What to expect in the upcoming update?

Although there are no significant leaks, it’s speculated that gamers can expect upgraded weapons, outfits and themes.

Rename Card in PUBG Mobile Lite

A rename card is available in the PUBG shop for 100 Battle coins. However, the new users in PUBG Mobile Lite can claim the rename card for free. Players need to follow the below mentioned steps to claim the rename card for free.

Step 1: Install or Update PUBG Mobile Lite to the latest version – 0.22.0

Step 2 :Click on ‘Missions’ in the bottom right corner

Step 3: Open ‘Progress Missions’ tab and click on Level 10

Step 4: Players will be required to complete all 9 missions before Level 10 to claim the rename card.

Upon completing the missions, players will receive the rename card in their inventory.


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