Picture Credit: Twitter

Popular battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile is ready to rock gamers' phones with its latest update slated to be released in early May. The PUBG Mobile 2.0 is in its beta testing mode and the final update will be released soon. A lot of new additions are being anticipated in the latest version of the game.

The game's official YouTube channel released a video to hint at the possible changes in the latest update. In the video, a new-look Livik map is seen with quite a few upgrades. A new themed area, new all-terrain vehicle, XT weapon purchasing, and new gameplay will also be seen in the newest version.

In the new gameplay, users will get loads of extra features. An advanced supply zone will be added where players can get high-level resources. A treasure map has been added, and users can locate crates with supplies using them. Users will also get to earn items by taking part in the soccer challenge. High-flying vehicles, zip lines, and berry hunts will also be seen on the new map.

Ban Pan 2.0

In 2022, the Ban Pan security will be receiving numerous updates and the Ban Pan 2.0 security system will be introduced in PUBG Mobile 2.0. It will feature numerous security features like linking a mobile number. The developers will also provide smarter and faster anti-cheating measures. The three main highlights of the Ban Pan Security System 2.0 will be New anti-cheat features, a Security review function, and an Improved player experience.

Apart from map updates and security updates, classic BR updates are also anticipated in the latest version of PUBG Mobile. Classic BR Improvements will be seen in the 2.0 update. New map features like calling for emergency pickup to get a rescue airplane outside the play zone will be added. New controls like haptic function for improved gameplay will be introduced in the new update. Also, an arena version of the Sanhok map will be added, helping users get used to gunfights.