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Rafael Nadal explains why he may fail to win all four Grand Slams this year

Nadal will be returning to Wimbledon after three years.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 27 June 2022 6:37 pm

Rafael Nadal

Spanish tennis sensation Rafael Nadal is excited about returning to Wimbledon after three years. The two-time champion has been undergoing several medical procedures on his left foot, especially for participating in the grasscourt Major. This year Rafael Nadal is the second seed at the Grand Slam, while the Serbian Novak Djokovic is the number one seed.

While speaking in an interview before the tournament, Rafael Nadal talked about all the stuff he had done to take part in the Grand Slam. “To have the chance to be here after three years, two weeks ago I did not know if I will have a chance to be here so today I cannot be thinking about winning all four Grand Slams in one year,” he said. 

“Nobody did in the Open Era so probably I will not be the first. That is my real thinking and I go day by day. Happy to enjoy one more time in Wimbledon. The negative thing is I was not able to play here for the last three years. So I am just working as hard as I can and the best way possible to give myself or put myself in a competitive position,” he added.

While speaking in another interview with ESPN, he talked about how he is trying not to think about his foot injury over the next fortnight which is the duration of the tournament. “I can’t tell you if I am going to be in that positive moment for one week, for two days, or for three months,” Rafael Nadal said. “Of course, the treatment that I did, didn’t fix my injury. Not improving my injury at all but can take out a little bit of the pain. That’s the main goal.”

“Sometimes the things in the medical world, mathematics is not predictable 100%. But in theory that can help the foot because it’s about the nerve. You touch the nerve, so then the nerves is like asleep in some way for a while, but then recovers. So how long the nerve is going to be that way, I can’t tell you. It’s something that we need to discover.”


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