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Rafael Nadal to retire after French Open finals: Reports

Rafael Nadal will be playing Casper Ruud in the final of the 2022 French Open.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 4 June 2022 2:17 pm

According to reports, Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal could retire after the ongoing French Open due to injuries. As reported by senior Spanish journalist Angel Garcia, Nadal has been on daily anti-inflammatories injections and hence could announce his retirement after playing the Finals against Casper Ruud on Sunday. 

As reported by Marca quoting Garcia, Nadal has anaesthetized his left leg for participating in the Roland Garros. The publication quoted Garcia and wrote, “Nadal has previously admitted to taking anti-inflammatories on a daily basis to be able to train.”

Garcia also talked about how Nadal has been suffering from necrosis in his foot. Necrosis is a type of disease that refers to the death of cells within the bone caused by a lack of circulation. He also claims that Nadal will undergo surgery for taking care of the necrosis. The journalist further says due to the situation, the 13-time Roland Garros will be forced to retire after the French Open tournament. 

Before this year’s Roland Garros, Nadal had talked about his possible retirement where he addressed how is playing with an injured leg and hence is looking to enjoy every day of tennis as he isn’t sure how long he can play. 

I am just enjoying every day: Nadal 

“I am old enough to not hide things or come here to say a thing that I don’t believe,” Nadal said. I don’t know what can happen. I think as I said before, I’m going to be playing this tournament because we are doing the things to be ready to play this tournament, but I don’t know what’s going to happen after here.

I have what I have in the foot, so if we are not able to find an improvement or small solution to that, then it’s becoming super difficult for me. So that’s it. I am just enjoying every day that I have the chance to be here, and without thinking much about what can happen in the future. Of course, I’m going to keep fighting to find a solution, but for the moment we haven’t [got one]”, Nadal said. 


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