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For the last few weeks, PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja has been quite proactive on his aspirations for conducting a 4-nation series consisting of India, Pakistan, Australia, and England in Pakistan. This step has been taken by Ramiz to promote sports infrastructure in the country and provide a boost to the economy by organizing this tournament. He proposed this idea at the ICC meet in Dubai which culminated on April 10.

In the latest news development, the International Council of Cricket (ICC) has rejected the proposal of Ramiz Raja. A report on Cricbuzz, the Future Tours Programme (FTP) of ICC is quite packed and there are no time-window to host this tournament.

"There were a lot of deliberations on the issue at the Board meet around it. There was also a formal acknowledgment to Ramiz that from a cricketing perspective it's a great idea but practically it doesn't work in view of the tight schedule and packed ICC events," a member of ICC told Cricbuzz.

According to ESPNCricinfo, “National Representative Teams of more than three National Cricket Federations" is deemed to mean an ICC event, meaning that it is run by the ICC and sold commercially as an ICC event, from which the proceeds are divided between members.”

The idea was backed by the England Cricket Board, Cricket Australia, and Cricket West Indies, while BCCI took a neutral stand. However, the other countries which were not included in the 4-nation series plan were miffed with the concept, which was one of the reasons for the plan not going ahead as well.

Earlier, Ramiz Raja took to Twitter to provide an update about the latest happening regarding the quadrangular series in the ICC event. He pressed on the fact of the concept being welcomed well and a healthy debate had taken place to promote it as the interest of the game as well.