RJ Malishka dances on 'Ude Jab Jab Zulfe Teri' and asks Neeraj Chopra "humne aapko zyada cheda toh nahi"; slammed by Twitterati

In another footage, RJ Malishka could be seen asking for a 'Jaadu Ki Jhappi' from Neeraj Chopra, making the 23-year-old more awkward.

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Updated - 20 August 2021 05:14 PM

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Neeraj Chopra has become a national hero since clinching the historic gold medal for India at Tokyo Olympics 2020 in the men's javelin throw event. His remarkable achievement has deservingly earned him a lot of praise over the last few days. It's been such a hectic schedule for the 23-year-old that he was forced to leave his welcome ceremony at his village near Panipat midway because of exhaustion and fever.

Despite all of it, the Olympic gold medalist has been kind enough to give his interviews to various media houses across the country. However, in one of the interviews conducted by Red FM, famous RJ Malishka and her team did something that left the entire country angry and embarrassed.

What happened during the controversial Red FM interview of Neeraj Chopra?

RJ Malishka, known as Mumbai Ki Rani in world of radio, shared a video on her social media account on Thursday which started all the controversy. In the footage, the RJ can be seen performing a dance with her team on Bollywood song 'Ude Jab Jab Zulfe Teri' during a zoom call interview with Neeraj Chopra. But the question is - What is wrong in performing a dance?

The first major thing that stands out in the footage is the fact that how uncomfortable Neeraj Chopra looks during the call. There is a difference between interviewing actors and sports personalities, which the team of Red FM should have known.

Something that the team didn't realize that the person on the other side of the call was a young guy from a village in Panipat who has brought laurels to the nation with his heroics in Olympics. However, keeping all the important questions aside, RJ Malishka and Co. were busy performing a dance making the national hero uncomfortable.

If this was not enough, the RJ made a shocking remark where she said, "Kitna maza aa gaya. Sorry hamne aapko zyada cheda toh nahi?" as Neeraj could only reply with a 'Thank You' and nothing more.

Check out the video:

Netizens lash out on Twitter

In another footage, RJ Malishka could be seen asking for a 'Jaadu Ki Jhappi' from Neeraj Chopra, making the 23-year-old more awkward. The video didn't take time to get viral on social media as fans lashed out at the team of Red FM for insulting a national sporting hero. While some termed it as 'embarrassing', others were quick to point out that it would have been considered as sexual harassment had the genders been reversed.


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