Picture Credit: BCCI/IPL

Rohit Sharma is a great leader and his numbers as captain speak for themselves. No one has won more titles for an IPL franchise than Rohit. The Mumbai Indians captain has led his team to five championships in a very short span of time. Although when Rohit started as the captain for Mumbai Indians, the team had many greats to help him out. But with passing time, Sharma had to do it on his own.

And not to anyone's surprise, he successfully built a champion team. He has taken long strides in the game of cricket since then and now stands at the helm of Indian cricket as well. His way of captaincy is unique. He is cool and calm but also aggressive in his intent. Many players have revealed how Sharma has made things simpler for them and has also backed them whenever required.

Speaking on the same, Mumbai Indians' Ishan Kishan revealed how Rohit Sharma helped Rahul Chahar in reaching a stage where he is now. Talking to Gaurav Kapur on Breakfast with Champions, Kishan revealed that Rohit used to back Chahar even when he did not believe in himself.

"If Rahul (Chahar) has done so well, Rohit bhai (Rohit Sharma) has played a massive role in that. I have seen him giving confidence to Chahar while fielding at covers. At times, when Chahar himself asked for fielders to be placed at boundaries, Rohit bhai said 'I believe you will do it' and surprisingly he has done it," said Kishan.

The wicketkeeper batter also revealed an instance when Rohit asked him to play his natural game despite an input from Mahela Jayawardene to rotate strike. "Mahela likes me a lot but he wants me to be perfect. So, he said to me that 'boy you have to rotate single'. I was in a different zone then as I was not getting runs. And then Rohit said to me 'do whatever you want,'" said Kishan.

Rohit abuses on the ground but apologizes later: Ishan Kishan

Kishan further talked about how Rohit operates when it comes to captaincy. He revealed how the MI captain talks roughly to players when he is on the field but apologizes immediately after the game. "The best thing about Rohit Bhai is that he will abuse you during a match is on but then apologizes after the game saying, 'Don't take it seriously, it happens'.