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Sebastian Vettel could retire at the end of 2022 season: Marc Surer

Sebastian Vettel has won four Formula One champions while driving for Red Bull.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 17 May 2022 4:59 pm

Sebastian Vettel

Former F1 driver Marc Surer has expressed that four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel could retire at the end of the current F1 season. While talking to, Surer addressed how Vettel’s current team, Aston Martin doesn’t have the potential to win the Championship and hence the German driver will complete his contract and retire. 

He said, “It doesn’t really seem that the team can become champion. Then why does he need all this? I see him fulfilling the contract and saying goodbye. Aston Martin was his last chance, and it doesn’t work there either.”

 He is trying to help the team: Surer

The fact that he returned from having coronavirus to continue to race speaks for itself,” the 70-year-old continued.  “He is trying to help the team, push it forward, and there are signs of progress. Vettel is doing his job. He could have just given up and no one would have been mad at him for it, except maybe the team.

In the same interview, the Swiss racer expressed his disagreement with the fact that Sebastian Vettel isn’t fast enough. “Under normal circumstances, Seb defeats (Lance) Stroll,” said Surer. “Perez constantly had trouble with that, which already shows Vettel’s level. The question is motivation. Can the battle for tenth place motivate a four-time world champion? It’s hard to say.”

I haven’t made a decision yet about my future: Vettel 

Marc Surer’s comments may hold some truth as Vettel himself addressed that he isn’t sure about his future. While talking to AFP, the 34-year-old expressed he doesn’t have any clarity about his future but still wants to win with Aston Martin despite the struggles of the team. He said, “I’m interested in winning. I haven’t made a decision yet about my future but I have been spoiled because I was at the front and I know how it is, and it feels amazing.”

“As a team, it’s not a secret, we wanted to be at the front, but are now at the back. We’re working very, very hard. It’s just at the back of the field, you have no reward. I didn’t mind when I started but finishing outside of the top 10 isn’t what I am here for. I want to win.”


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