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Picture Credit: Twitter

The Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars has taken an epic turn amongst cricket fans and followers. The incident not only grabbed limelight in the film and television industry but all areas of work are currently revolving around this incident.

A similar sort of thing turned out for the cricket fans after the announcement of Will Smith being banned for ten years from Oscars.

It was on Saturday morning, April 9 that Oscar body announced their decision to ban Smith owing to his action during the 2022 ceremony. Although the decision spread like fire across social platforms, one of the user on Twitter had an epic reply to the incident.

He wrote, “Explain in cricket terms?” to a post that was shared giving the information of his ban from the mega event.

To everyone’s surprise, another Twitter user did had an answer to this and gave it in a very precise manner. “Shahrukh Khan from Wankhede”, wrote the user in response to the above one.

Check out the responses here:

Notably, a similar incident had happened during a cricket match.  A few years back Sharukh Khan entered Wankhede Stadium and when he was in the stadium he found one of the stadium officials mishandling with his daughter.

In response, Khan did what Will Smith did to Chris Rocks - allegedly abused the guard who stopped him from entering despite Khan being a reputed star from the film industry. Although, Khan claimed that he acted as any father would.

As the event took its turn, Shahrukh Khan was later banned from entering Wankhede Stadium by MCA for a period of five years.