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"It is just a game of cricket" is a common expression used in cricket vocabulary while placing the game in the broader scope of life and the universe. Yet the sport has even been fatal on some rare occasions, while also causing life-changing injuries to others. The safety of cricketers has thus become paramount in this day and age.

With so many innovations in safety equipment like pads and helmets, cricketers are advised to make the best use of these while taking the field. Yet it sometimes comes down to the individual cricketer to be responsible for safety. Kolkata Knight Riders cricketer Sheldon Jackson was in the news after the tournament opener against Kolkata Knight Riders.

The reason was Jackson's great keeping skills behind the wickets which caught the attention of the legendary all-rounder Yuvraj Singh. However, Yuvi had even suggested that the keeper should put his helmet on while keeping the stumps to spinners to avoid injury.

However, Jackson has chosen not to pay heed to that suggestion even as he thanked Yuvraj for his wishes. Jackson did not wear a helmet while keeping the wickets to the spinners in the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore.