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SportsTiger Explainer: Why was Shubman Gill’s DRS referral for caught behind by Anuj Rawat deemed as no-ball during IPL 2022 match between GT and RCB?

Everyone including the commentators, audience, and players were confused and questioned the decision. Virat Kohli was seen having a word with the umpire.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 30 April 2022 9:24 pm

During the 43rd match of the 2022 IPL between the Gujarat Titans and Royal Challengers, Shahbaz Ahmed bowled a slightly wide delivery which Shubman Gill went hard at and missed. The substitute keeper Anuj Rawat was ready as he grabbed the ball comfortably and appealed. The umpire was convinced with the delivery and gave Gill out but the decision was immediately referred with the opener opting for a DRS. 

Here the third umpire found that there wasn’t an edge while Rawat’s gloves were ahead of the stumps. Hence the third umpire, Nitin Menon reversed the decision to not out and declared the ball as a no-ball. Everyone including the commentators, audience, and players were confused and questioned the decision.

Check out Virat Kohli’s reaction after the ball was deemed a no-ball:


Here SportsTiger presents you with an Explainer about why Anuj Rawat’s catch was called a No-Ball. 

What does the law say?

As mentioned earlier, Third umpire Nitin Menon spotted that Rawat’s gloves were ahead of the stumps, which violates the Law 27.3.1 and Law 27.3.2 of the MCC cricket laws. These laws prevent wicket keepers from interfering with the movement of the ball before it comes into play. Hence the action was deemed as a no-ball. 

Law 27.3.1 states, “The wicket-keeper shall remain wholly behind the wicket at the striker’s end from the moment the ball comes into play until a ball delivered by the bowler- touches the bat or person of the striker, or passes the wicket at the striker’s end, or the striker attempts a run.” Law 27.3.2 states that: “In the event of the wicket-keeper contravening this Law, the striker’s end umpire shall call and signal No ball as soon as applicable after the delivery of the ball.”

Analogous Happenings

Similar incidents were seen during the semi-final match between the Melbourne Renegades and the Sydney Sixers at the Marvel Stadium in the 2019 season of the BBL. In the ninth over of the Sydney innings, the square-leg umpire called Renegades wicket-keeper Sam Harper’s glove movement a no-ball. 

Closer home, India keeper and Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant had committed a similar mistake against Bangladesh where Pant had stumped Liton Das but his gloves were ahead of the wicket. Hence the ball was deemed as a no-ball.


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