“Struggle to pay rent”- 2011 World Cup captain reveals financial crunch faced by players of national cricket team

While asked if the Holland cricket team exists, former captain of the side Borren gave an emotional reply.

Aditya Kumar Editor

Updated - 15 July 2021 8:25 pm

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most famous games in the world. The money indulged in the sport makes it one of the costliest in the category and hence the players playing the game at the highest level also earn a hefty amount. However, the fairy tale differs from country to country.

While playing cricket for a team like India, England and Australia helps one get a good sum, there are many small countries that fail to provide their national players with adequate money required for their basic needs. This is the reason we often see many such cricketers around the world either leaving the game or taking over a different profession simultaneously in order to make their ends meet.

A similar story of the financial crunch faced by the Holland (Netherlands) cricketers has come to the fore. The issue got limelight after the former captain of the Netherlands team revealed that the national players of the team are struggling to pay their rent.

While asked if the Holland cricket team exists, former captain of the side Peter Borren said, "'Exists'...Fair...Struggle to pay rent....But wear the orange with pride."

Captained by Peter Borren, Netherlands had made it the main event of the 2011 World Cup. They were grouped alongside the likes of India, England and South Africa. However, the Dutch side failed to win any of their 6 matches played in the tournament.

Talking about Peter Borren, he was born in New Zealand. He also made international appearances for the Kiwis, including his presence in the U-19 World Cup in 2001-02. After that, the all-rounder moved to the Netherlands and became the captain of the team later on and stayed at the helm of affairs until his retirement in 2018.