Moeen Ali Picture Credit: BCCI

Discrimination against athletes from certain race, society, or religion is not an uncommon sight. One such incident came into light with English all-rounder Moeen Ali being the victim. Following the logo of a liquor brand on Chennai Super Kings (CSK) jersey, Ali had demanded a different shirt as he does not endorse alcohol. But, this did not sit well with activist Taslima Nasreen, who claimed Ali to be a potential terrorist. However, cricket fraternity and enthusiasts came to Ali's defence and slammed Nasreen for her bigotry.

Taslima Nasreen's controversial tweet and English cricketers' reponse

This was the tweet by the 'secular author' and 'humanist' that broke the Internet -

If Moeen Ali were not stuck cricket, he would have gone to Syria to join ISIS.

Now, the act certainly triggered Ali's English teammates, who were not going to tolerate heat on their teammate. Starting from pacer Jofra Archer, everyone was quick to launch attacks on Nasreen. Soon the cricket enthusiasts joined the players, resulting in immense pressure on the Bangladesh-born author to delete the tweet. Here are the responses from English cricket fraternity -

And while, the pressure ultimately led Nasreen to delete the tweet, she does not regret her actions. In fact, she later sent out a series of tweets on how the public needs to undersand and appreciate sarcasm and humor. Furthermore, she is still claiming how her voice and views are being suppressed. While the apology is yet to come, the unity from everyone has once again seen the Gentleman's Game win over Hate.