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Picture Credit: Instagram

After Yuvraj Singh penned a heartfelt note for Virat Kohli, the former India skipper has thanked 'Yuvi Pa' for this wonderful gesture. Kohli posted the picture of the note and the golden boot he received from Yuvraj Singh and wrote a few lines thanking his former teammate. Earlier, on Tuesday, Singh had written a big note for Kohli congratulating him on his wonderful achievements and also wishing him luck for his new journey.

"Virat, I’ve seen you grow as a cricketer and as a person. From that young boy in the nets who would walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the legends of Indian cricket, you’re now a legend yourself leading the way for a new generation. Your discipline and passion on the field and dedication to the sport inspires every young kid in this country to pick up the bat and dream of putting on the blue jersey one day.

You have elevated your level of cricket every single year and achieved so much already in this wonderful game that it makes me even more excited to watch you embark on this new chapter in your career. You have been a legendary captain and a fantastic leader. I’m expecting many more of your famous run chases.

I’m glad to have shared a bond with you as a teammate and more so a friend. Scoring runs, pulling people's legs, cheating meals, jamming to Punjabi songs, and winning cups, we’ve done it all together. Mere liye tu hamesha Cheeku rahega aur duniya ke liye King Kohli. Always keep the fire inside you burning. You’re a superstar. Here’s a special golden boot for you. Keep making the country proud!" Yuvraj had written in his note for Kohli.

To this Virat has replied, "Yuvi Pa thank you for this wonderful gesture. Coming from someone who's seen my career unfold from day 1, it means a lot. Your life and your comeback from cancer was, is and will always be an inspiration for people in all walks of life not just cricket. I've known you for who you are and you've always been very generous and caring for people around you. Now we're both parents and know what a blessing that is. I wish you all the happiness, beautiful memories and blessings in this new journey. God bless Yuvi Pa. Rab rakha".

Notably, Kohli has recently stepped down from captaincy in all three formats.