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The originator is Tiger Mask: Rey Mysterio opens on discovery of his finishing move 619

And now Mysterio has opened up on how he thought of the iconic fishing move 619 during a recent interaction with media.

Saurabh Ganguly Editor

Updated - 21 March 2022 4:46 pm

Rey Mysterio is a popular name among the WWE fanbase. The audience likes Mysterio not only for his exciting style of wrestling but also for his apparently never-ending stamina which keeps him going. The wrestler who dons a mask never ceases to amaze his fans with the various skills that he has acquired over the years and how he often pushes himself to give his best.

All these qualities and much more have made Mysterio a likable character for his followers but at the same time, his name is enough to ring a warning bell in the ears of his opponents.

And now Mysterio has opened up on how he thought of the iconic finishing move 619 during a recent interaction with media.

“The move actually has been modified but the originator is Tiger Mask,” Rey told Sony Sports India.

“Tiger Mask did it in the 80s in Japan and then I saw it for the first time in person with one of my favourite wrestlers of all time, Super Astro, who was also from Mexico and he would always team up with my uncle,” he added.

“When I would see him run and do the move, he would just faint and come back in the ring. When I started wrestling, when I started adapting moves from here and there, I was like what if I put my opponent on the ropes and connect with my feet so it was just a moment of creation that happened. The next thing, I tried it in the ring and it worked. So, that’s how the 619 was born,” he further said.

The star Mexican wrestler was in the news recently for creating a unique record after winning the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships. He won this tag along with his Dominik and now have the unique distinction of being the first father-son duo to hold the tag team title together in the WWE.


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