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Harsha Bhogle screams during Live; Fans express concerns as commentator’s scary Instagram video goes viral

The person on the other side looked baffled at what he was seeing and tried to calm the viewers by calling it a 'minor inconvenience'.

Ritesh Pathak Author

Updated - 25 March 2022 11:07 am

Cricket is a religion in India and cricketers are more than just professionals. This sentence has been said a gazillion times and is a perfect cliche, but none can deny that it’s a fact. The game receivers enormous love and so does the professionals who make it interesting, be it the players, commentators, or anyone involved. One such name that receives so much love across the country and has been nicknamed ‘voice of cricket’ is Harsha Bhogle.

Reckoned as one of the finest analysts of the game of cricket, Harsha Bhogle never fails to impress everyone with his factual comments. Rarely does he upset anyone, but March 24 was one of those rare days. He did not say anything controversial that hurt anyone’s sentiments but rather left his fans worried with a scary video.

During a live session on Instagram with a page called ‘CricketsportwalkIN’, Harsha Bhogle looked in trouble as he lost control of his phone midway. It seemed like something unfortunate had happened to Bhogle as he was heard shouting and yelling. The person on the other side looked baffled at what he was seeing and tried to calm the viewers by calling it a ‘minor inconvenience’.

Have a look at the video here:

Bhogle clarifies!

As the video went viral, fans of Harsha Bhogle started speculating what could have happened and started searching the internet for answers. Seeing his fans worried so much, the commentator decided to clarify what had happened. Bhogle tweeted to inform that it was done deliberately by him for a promo and also apologized.

“I am fine. Sorry to have got a lot of you worried. Thank you for the love and concern. It became more viral than I anticipated. That too is a learning. It was meant to lead to something else. Sorry. And cheers,” wrote Bhogle on Twitter. “You learn something new every day. It seemed a lighthearted thing to do but, in its execution, it became something that I didn’t think it would. I am actually a bit embarrassed now,” he added in another Tweet.


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