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Former interim UFC Lightweight Championship Tony Ferguson has clapped back at UFC president Dana White for not being paid enough and also called the latter's actions similar to those of ‘Drug Dealers’. While speaking at the UFC 274 media day, Fergusson said, “I don’t think that s*** is very funny,” “You do maybe. I don’t think it’s very funny. Everybody is looking at it, they’re smiling and laughing at it, but nobody’s saying s***.

“I’m the one up here with Dana Brown privilege or whatever the f*** you want to call it. I don’t think it’s very funny anymore. I don’t think you should think that’s very funny. So, I’m taking this weekend very f***ing seriously. I’ll kick this Dana White boy’s ass. Nothing personal against Chandler.”

He then addressed White’s comments on boxers being overpaid, “I think we’re underpaid personally,” Ferguson said. “I’m not going to say too much. Dana said something the other day – it’s on my phone, I think MMA Fighting actually reposted it – talking about how boxers are overpaid.”

“I asked Dana to box, he said: ‘F*** no.’ I’m like: ‘Why?’ I want to go play baseball, I want to go do other pro sports. I’m an athlete. I grew up doing different pro sports at a very high level. I won a state championship in football, we were 27-1. I come from Grand Valley State University as a wrestler, I want to go do wrestling. I’ve got uncle Brock [Lesnar] that’s right there watching me,” he continued. 

Tony Ferguson then chimed in on the treatment of the fighters in the company. He said, “The promoters here act like drug dealers sometimes. They just throw down a couple of bucks here and they’re like: ‘Come here, kid. Here, take this, take this, take this.’ And if you don’t have the will to say no to that stupid s***, you’re going to get f***ed.

“You should ask the other fighters that have been f***ing treated like s*** for a long time, too, because I’m not the only one thinking or f***ing saying it or seeing it. Maybe you should ask them, too,” he added.