There were days when he fell asleep without eating: Achinta Sheuli’s mother reveals struggle of CWG Gold medallist

The 20-year-old lifter might have come a long way to becoming a national hero but there is still plenty to be done.

Ritesh PathakAuthor

Updated - 10 August 2022 07:38 PM


Achinta Sheuli made the nation proud when he bagged the gold medal in Men’s 73kg weightlifting at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Not only did Sheuli win the gold medal but he set a Games record with his lift of 313kg in that weight category. But it has not been an easy ride for Sheuli who hails from a small district of West Bengal. The 20-year-old weightlifter has seen so many tough days and had to sleep empty stomach many times.

Sheuli’s mother recently revealed the problems the 20-year-old faced in his initial days. Purnima Sheuli, who raised her two sons- Alok and Achinta- alone after her husband passed away, revealed that she was compelled to send her sons to work. She says that such was the condition of the family that if she had not sent them to work, they would have not even survived.

"Today, I believe God has started showering blessings on us. The number of people who gathered in front of our house shows that times have changed. Nobody will be able to realize how tough it was for me to bring up my two sons. I could not even provide them with their meals every day. There were days when they fell asleep without eating. I don't know how to express myself and what to say," she said. "I had no other option than sending my sons to work. Or it would have been difficult for us to survive," Purnima added.

Only Government can help us now: Achinta Sheuli

The 20-year-old lifter might have come a long way to becoming a national hero but there is still plenty to be done and Achinta Sheuli believes that only the government can help the family come out of financial hardships.

"Life has never been that easy for me and my family. We had to earn every single bread we ate after my father's death. Now, although we two brothers have started earning, I think it is not enough to help solve our financial condition if only the government can kindly look into our problem and help us," he told PTI from New Delhi.


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