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The game of cricket has evolved over the years. With changes in time and technology, new things have been added to keep the game rolling. However, there is one thing that has not changed much is the role of umpires. Although new technology has made things easier, the umpires still have to play a role in making some crucial decisions.

But former Indian Premier League cricketer Rajat Bhatia believes this is not going to be the case in some years for now. Bhatia on SporstTiger's mid-innings show said that "There will be no need of umpires in a few years from now". When Bhatia was asked about the umpiring in the first innings of the RR vs RCB match and he was told how Harbhajan Singh is not happy with the level of umpiring in the league so far, he agreed to the former spinner.

"Yes, I completely agree with Harbhajan's statement. Even I feel that there will be no need for umpires in a few years from now. This job is going to end. The reason why I am saying this is that if technology is doing all the work, why do we even need umpires? If technology is making every decision, bowlers simply have to bowl and if it's out, it will be given out and if it's not out, the decision will be made accordingly, Also, this will save time," said Bhatia on SportsTiger's show Mid-wicket live.

Shambolic umpiring in RR vs RCB

These comments have come after looking at what happened in the first innings of the RR vs RCB game. Two decisions were reviewed by the on-field umpires, and both were overturned. Also, a wide ball call given against Harshal Patel did not look fair to many. In the same over, a catch taken by Virat Kohli was replayed to check whether it was clean or not. While on-filed umpires face the criticism, the third umpire seemingly also made a mistake. A no-ball call against Akash Deep in the 20th over of RR innings did not go well with many. The commentators also looked shocked at the decision.