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They were just too quick today for us: Hamilton praises Ferrari cars after British GP

Lewis Hamilton finished third behind Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 5 July 2022 2:05 pm


Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton pushed the upgraded Mercedes W13 to its limit and challenged the Ferraris in British GP at the Silverstone and he eventually finished on the podium in a third-place over Charles Leclerc. Hamilton performed incredibly well as he displayed stellar tyre management in an intense race. 

After the race, he praised his fellow drivers and their cars as he gave his everything but couldn’t stay up with the competition. “I gave it everything today,” he said. “I was trying to chase down those Ferraris, but congratulations to Carlos. They were just too quick today for us. In the end, I was in amongst that battle with Checo [Perez].”

“Those guys were just too quick on the straights for me today. But I’m so, so grateful for the hard work all the team did to get an upgrade here. We’ve made a step closer to them. So we’ve got to keep pushing,” he continued.

They are so fast on the straights: Hamilton

He then talked about he was just chasing Perez’s Red Bull. He said, “I was chasing and chasing and chasing, and the pace was great on both sets of tyres,” he added. But at the end there, it was just a little bit difficult. Once you get a Red Bull behind you, they are so fast on the straights. So we’ve got some improvements to make.”

“But this is a huge bonus for us to be on the podium. I am glad everyone was safe from the big crash at the beginning of the day. He added: “We are going to continue to push. Let’s keep trying to be the best we can,” Hamilton added. 

I was just grateful that I could be in the battle: Hamilton

The 36-year-old also deemed this race as one of the best races in his career. He said, “I definitely did. That was very reminiscent of the karting days, and I feel like that’s Formula 1 at its best: the fact that we were able to follow and dice like that lap by lap is a testament to the direction I think that we’re now in. I was just grateful that I could be in the battle because I’ve not been in that fight for a while.”


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