This is the direction that Riot Games need to go with their maps in future: Shroud on Valorant's new map Breeze

Despite the backlash that the new map has received by some gamers, the 26-year-old believes that Breeze is the best map of the game so far. 

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 03 May 2021 11:29 PM


Valorant has certainly proven to be one of the most exciting free-to-play hero shooter games in recent times. It has been one of the most successful titles for Riot Games who have been able to deliver new and exciting things to the gamers to keep their interest intact. Another one of the latest additions includes the new map, Breeze, which has received some mixed reactions from the users.

About the new map - Breeze

Breeze is one of the biggest maps which opens door for a lot of tactical gameplay. There has been a shift from lane-oriented layout to add more variety to the map, making it much more challenging and exciting for the players. The survival in the new map will demand a lot of focus, teamwork, skills and abilities which will make it really difficult for amateur gamers. Canadian streamer Shroud also gave his views on Breeze, which he believes to be the best map of the game so far.

All the top players are gonna love it: Shroud

Reflecting on the challenging new map, the 26-year-old opined that all the top players will love it, and everyone else is going to hate it. Shroud said, "I think this is the direction that they (Riot Games) need to go with their maps in the future. It just creates the synergy between all the characters and is huge. You don’t have just one smoke blocking the hallway and you’re good to go, you can take a sight.”

While there have been a few negative feedbacks around the map, Shroud believes that this is the way forward for Riot to keep the buzz around the game. The Canadian is certainly relishing the challenge as it tests the skills and abilities of the players to the limit.


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