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The use of social media in India has increased dramatically in the past few years. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become a source of information for so many Indians. People are also using it to voice their opinions on various ongoing topics. Everyone from common people to celebrities to sports personalities are using these platforms to share their views on a particular topic. But there is a dark side to this too. Sometimes people go over the line in order to sound superior and win the debate.

A similar incident took place when Tamil Actor Siddharth made a 'sexist' comment about India's ace badminton player Saina Nehwal. Siddharth while replying to Nehwal's tweet about a security lapse during PM Narendra Modi's rally used derogatory remarks. "Subtle cock champion of the world... Thank God we have protectors of India. ?? Shame on you #Rihanna," had tweeted Siddharth on January 6. This did not go well with the Twitter users and the Tamil Actor faced a lot of backlash for making such remarks. He, however, clarified his statement by writing "COCK & BULL" That's the reference. Reading otherwise is unfair and leading! Nothing disrespectful was intended, said, or insinuated. Period".

Saina Nehwal did not respond to the tweet when it was made on January 6. However, she reacted when a buzz around it started. The ace badminton star found Siddharth's comments 'not nice'. "Ya, I’m not sure what he meant. I used to like him as an actor but this was not nice. He can express himself with better words but I guess it’s Twitter and you remain noticed with such words and comments," she said while talking to News18.com

P Kashyap also reacts

India's star badminton player and Saina Nehwal's husband Parupalli Kashyap also responded to the comments made by Siddharth. Kashyap found the tweet 'upsetting' and 'not so cool'. "This is upsetting for us … express ur opinion but choose better words man. I guess u thought it was cool to say it this way," he wrote on Twitter.

The National Commission for Women Chairperson Rekha Sharma also condemned Siddharth for his actions. "This man needs a needs or two. Why this person's account still exists? Taking it up with concerned Police," she tweeted.