Top 5 clubs who could sign Robert Lewandowski

There is no doubt that any European club would be willing to pay a hefty price for the Polish captain, who is one of the most lethal strikers in world football.

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Updated - 22 August 2021 09:00 PM


It would be safe to say that top European clubs have all been put on high alert ever since Polish striker Robert Lewandowski revealed his desire to undertake a new challenge. The 32-years-old wants to make his move away from the club where he has been breaking records since 2014. The Polish striker has scored 297 goals in 331 games for the Bundesliga Giants. He broke the record for the most number of goals in a single season in the 2020-21 campaign. Moreover, he has won the Bundesliga ever single season that he has spent at Bayern Munich for the last seven years.

With Lewandowski looking to take a new challenge, Bayern Munich are keen to hold onto their marquee striker at least till the end of his contract till 2023. As a result, they have placed a price-tag of over £100million upon him. There is no doubt that the Polish captain is one of the most lethal strikers in world football for whom any European club would pay a hefty price. So, which club will it be?

Top 5 clubs who could sign Robert Lewandowski

1. Borussia Dortmund

If Lewandowski was to seek a new challenge within the German domestic circuit, then Dortmund seem like the right choice. With the likes of Erling Haaland and Marco Reus at the peak of their game, the 32-years-old can only improve upon his scoring prowess. In addition, the fact that Lewandowski has already proved himself in this club before, Dortmund could very well be on the verge of re-gaining their old dominance with him back in the squad.

2. Liverpool

The squad from Anfield has already made their intentions clear of signing a striker in this transfer window and who better than Robert Lewandowski. Moreover, a coach like Jurgen Klopp is known to get the best out of an attacking player like him. Liverpool scored the least number of goals since Klopp was appointment a manager, in the 2020-21 season. In addition, the duo of Klopp and Lewandowski have already won 2 Bundesliga titles in 4 seasons at Dortmund, so there is surely no doubt that Liverpool will be one of the title favorites if the striker lands at Anfield.

3. Manchester United

Having not won a Premier League title for almost a decade, Manchester United are gathering an elite squad in this transfer window. With Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane already acquired, United can solve most of their problems if Robert Lewandowski was to play at Old Trafford. Knowing that Cavani and Greenword are the current striking options at United, both players have not featured prominently as the central striker at the club. The Red Devils have already assembled a brilliant squad, the chance to acquire a world-class striker cannot be ignored.

4. Juventus

Having made clear that the wage-bill of Cristiano Ronaldo is not comforting for Bioncaneri, especially after the financial struggles faced by the club after Covid-19, Lewandowski can be the perfect alternative. If CR7 departs, Lewandowski can even focus upon a ‘new challenge’ wherein he could help Juventus claim the Seria A title once again. Given that, the likes of Chiesa, Mckennie and Dybala have been in good form throughout, Lewandowski could also be among the favorites to win the European Golden Boot.

5. Real Madrid

If there is one club who has collected huge bills by letting marquee players let go, it is Real Madrid. With the likes of Raphael Varane and Martin Odegaard being sold at hefty prices, Madrid have the ability to buyout Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich. Knowing that Madrid have their sights focussed upon Kylian Mbappe, if that deal was to fail, it seems like Lewandowski can be the perfect player to be brought at Bernabeu, who are majorly lacking  stardom in their squad. Especially after making no big signing in this transfer window, they are in danger of lacking behind their domestic rivals – Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.


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