Top 5 dream pairing of former and present players in world of cricket

While there could be many such deadly combinations, let's look at five exciting pairs which the fans would have loved to see play together. 
Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 8 May 2021 6:22 pm

Cricket is a sport which cannot be won as individuals because you need the whole team to contribute as a unit to win matches. However, there is a famous concept of ‘pairs’ in this game where two players combine together to completely take the game away from the opposition. From Dravid-Laxman to Lee-McGrath, there have been some historic pairs in world cricket who were a nightmare for the opposition. However, did you ever wonder what would be the most deadly duo of former and present players in world cricket? There could be many such dazzling pairs but let’s look at five such pairs which the fans would have loved to see play together.

1. Wasim Akram – Jasprit Bumrah

The fast-bowling duo of Wasim Akram and Jasprit Bumrah could have been one of the most deadliest pairs in cricket. A left-arm swing bowler from one end complimented by a right-arm lethal pacer from the other would be a scary sight for any batsman in the world. Watching the two of them bowl together (with all their skills in the armoury) in seam-friendly English conditions would be a dream come true for all cricket lovers.

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