Top Five Best Centers of All Time in NBA

In this article, we will take a look at the Top Five Best Centers of All Time in the NBA based on their longevity and dominance.
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Published on - 18 May 2021 9:19 pm

The importance of having a big man in an NBA team is beyond description. Often the tallest member in any team is positioned to play as the Center. Not only does that particular player need to be strong, but also have the body mass to rattle the offensive unit of the opposition. Some players over the years have or had mastered the art of winning their team big games by holding the dense tight.

In this article, we will take a look at the Top Five Best Centers of All Time in the NBA based on their longevity and dominance.

5. Hakeem Olajuwon

‘The Dream’ was a part of the NBA for 18 years, wherein he won the MVP award in the 1993-94 season. Not only that, Hakeem Olajuwon made it into the All-Time Defensive Team 9 times. Having led his Houston Rockets to two Championships, Olajuwon was essentially his team’s lone superstar. Justifying the same, he won the Defensive Player of the League 2 times as well.

Career Stats-

PPG- 28.8

RBG- 11.1

BPG- 3.1

FG%- .512

4. Shaquille O’Neal

Arguably the best centre of his generation who ferociously haunted the opposition players by his raw power and size. His strength not only made him earn the nickname ‘Diesel’, but his deft touches around the rim ensured him scoring well in each game. Having won 4 Championships, Shaquille O’Neal was also a 3-Time Finals MVP.

Career Stats-

PPG- 23.7

RPG- 10.9

BPG- 2.3

FG%- .582

3. Bill Russell


He was a true defensive leader who epitomized the words leaders, teams and champions. One might suggest that Bill Russell was never an elite scorer, but had the ability to change the scenario of the game by making winning plays for his Boston Celtics side. Bill Russell is a 5-Time MVP Award holder and an 11-Time All-Star.

Career Stats-

PPG- 15.1

RPG- 22.5

APG- 4.4

FG%- .540

2. Wilt Chamberlain


A real-life Superman, whose combination of size, skill and athleticism took the entire world by storm. Wilt Chamberlain is statistically the most celebrated individual in the history of the NBA and has won the MVP Trophy 4 Times.

Career Stats

PPG- 30.1

RBG- 22.9

APG- 4.3

FG%- .540

1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar


Having played in the NBA for 14 seasons, Kareem Abdul Jabbar was the MVP in 6 of them. Neither any other player has more MVP Awards nor more career points than him. His skyhook was simply unstoppable in the NBA. While the public might not consider him the G.O.A.T, yet Kareem Abdul Jabbar still stands tall in many elite NBA scoring sheets till date.

Career Stats-

PPG- 24.6

RPG- 11.2

BPG- 2.4

FG%- .559

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